As you know, water is important. :)

Drink more of it!

It is healing to properly exercise awareness. If you don’t like what has been brought to your understanding. I am truly sorry to hear that. Education requires confrontation. The past can’t be misleading if it truly happened. How will you answer to its revelation? Will you run? Will you hide and drink some wine in desperate attempts that others won’t find it? The truth finds you; it will take off your dress. It is important to mention that it is as ugly as you believed it to be. The most beautiful yet ugly revelation you have been blessed to see. Your stomach may growl and your blood may race; but if you had any idea you were alive; you would drink more water; which is the truth. If you really want to live; you will drink more of the truth. Change your methods of consumption; feed more of the spirit and mind.

Experience of The WOW

Paisely3EGEyeD (2)
What calculates an experience is a mix of adventure, determination, and  spontaneity. Perhaps one of the most fiercest combinations of action and reaction is involved. Seeing Prince and  3rdEyeGirl was ‘The Unexpected‘ because it was an invitation, I received in the stillness of the moment.

They extended their hand and I trusted it would be the journey – what an expedition it was!

Never mind the time of night; the rushing in my veins felt like a pack of endorphins shot up to the sky. I carefully misplaced my expectations because I understood this experience was to be sealed in.

The question of Plectrum Electrum has been a ancient mystery to any Prince fan. If you’ve followed ‘3rdeyegirl’ at all you would know how important ‘Plectrum Electrum’ is. It is more than a sound but a injection – very lethal I might add.

Prince has found comfort in private listening parties of the album/but at the very least it would allow some to confirm; this actually exists!

Doors open and only 15 are allowed to partake in first session. Heads bang and we all are taken by the sound and the sudden surprise of it all.

This continues to happen over the course of about 13msessions. Filled with surprises and sounds which are in depth of kaleidoscopic sounds and vibrations. You feel yourself arising into a plane made possible through the conjecture of sound. Some of it surprises you by the boisterous sounds and sequencing but you breathe it in and allow it to make meaning to you.

After the interaction of sound and converse of reaction, everything becomes fruitful as the night rises to a close. At least that’s what it feels like. At this point I was in the calming vibration of glamor and ability.

I was then ushered into a room, where I had a chance to talk to Prince about the distortion of sound and how it relates to compression, and how one is able to experience music.

What Prince was essentially saying to me, is that….the physical (Life) is being replaced by the digital (Artificial). He believes, mp3’s can be convenient for obvious reasons, but they are not for recording HI-FI recording. (Which is what his albums sounds like) Mp3’s are not faithful to the original recording, portions of the original are not there, and the compressions has ripped apart emotion and life out of the music.

So high frequency information is being exterminated, and he does not want us to hear his albums in this fashion. He believes people are not starting to care, and he wants to change that. He wants people to connect, especially since when he makes the record, he knows how it sounds. SO he feels like the work he has put through is not being understood. It’s convenience!

Listening to Prince, and talking to him one on one, outside of listening to him on Speaker phone was exciting, because you realize how funny he really is. He had a lot of jokes about accents also, the richness and depth to sound, it flowed from a place of understanding and it was a pleasure to be apart of it.

An experience engulfed with improvisation and musical depth. I’ve learned by the nature of being called within, there is power in sound, allowing the music to sink into the veins.



Captured Glimspe By Way Of Withering Eyes.

With a Capture, only a glimpse is granted to my withering eyes.

Writing keeps the secret encoded from the inspiration above and within.

A light which flatters the deepest and decaying cave of inspiration.

For she is not dark, but enlightened with a whisper that speaks to the sublime of his consciousness.

Vexed by the returning age of transmission.

A pulse is renewed and blood races with muscle and tissue..

Deeper by the release of its power.

The promise of revelation is assured by the undressing principle.

Mobile fractions are formulas of destination, traveling into planes of the bizarre and graceful.

Eyes wither but they are yet strong with divine sight and mobility.


B,Spain LightN Yellow

Barcelona, Spain ^^

“Love Crucification…”

“For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, so shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.”

- Kahlil Gibran”

Tower Girl

With each step she climbed closer…
Closer into her dream.
She built upon a climax that would grant her an entire KNEW language.
She noticed those who vocalize, with fervent concern.
They did not care, but instead challenged the wonder of the mysterious Night.
She prophesies with great conviction, as the truth danced within her belly.
She heard the word from the divine one, as he anointed her lips she became aware of her mission.
TO not ponder on the disbelief, but to encourage a sense of magic which would awaken all apart of the trick.
It was not a trick of desperate attempts to blind one within illusion, but a trick of a trip which brought ecstasy.
Many knew her as the Tower Girl, she climbed higher anytime one would listen as her summons called those who were considered least.
She did not mind the attire, nor colorless ambitions..it only allowed her more sensibility.
A prophetess of the night, with a light of those kept by the darkest memories.
A light that brought hope to those who wanted to make the world better.
She beckoned religion to strip its clothing of toxicity and division.
She noticed how many of the blind ones, stumbled on the rocks of desperation.
They really intended for some sign that would bring a course of direction…she built on the moulder and ROCKS Beneath them.
She felt the need to crush them, as the minerals would build upon the next.
Photo Credit: Zamir Yushaev

️Crowned Promises (Divine Next)


Speak of the patterns, this you hear…

The alignment of the sound… this persecution of fear

A stagnant mission without the sword of a satisfying vex 

For you’re spirit, and the unconditional love that is in the beginning, barks at your next

The sharp and divine next…..

Completely naked are the jewels which are treasures 

Near and far, my compass could not dare to measure

Coming as a plane and beating the damnable dread

My promise to you is a crown upon your head

Adorned therein is of commitment and noble trust

Forsaking all that comes with the danger of cynical lust..