Rareness // Traces //


Every single person is Rare, and contains Traces that only we are capable of leaving. Unique and individual pieces of us, are scattered throughout our lives – only to be felt and seen by someone else. We carry within our essence, Traces of creative ambitions and details which all point to who we are. No single thing has ever existed like YOU, which makes YOU Rare. To the point of benevolent discovery. The same goes for everyone else. When one stumbles across our path, and can see clear indications of unique pattern and print, they swoon. It’s not always what’s done from us. It’s merely our presence and the performance that blows people away. Our energy and how it Illuminates another’s route. We take for granted, the ways we achieve inspiration by simply being who we are in the moment. Knowing what is inside YOU, and being true to what you know. It starts with really what you know, then you can go from there. Take pride, in knowing your essence and your glow. Not that you are the WHOLE – BUT that the pieces that YOU reveal, make up the WHOLE of each of us, as a collective. We are each are our own story tellers. The Traces are picked up from our experiences, the way we mold color, and the ways in which we personify persuasion.


Breaking free from this dimension, is by being visited by statues in our dreams.

Statues carved with red lettering, something that stands out and begs for recognition.

It’s becoming abundantly clear we are engaged in this spirit realm by our opening heart.

It’s really just about allowing ourselves to see how everything is connected.

Nothing is separated. Realizing our universal link, enables us to be become more and more fearless.


The lettering, captivates with such righteous thrill. Seeing all of these connections, and breathing the ways in which they link, fascinates the playful mind. I find myself constantly searching through the depth of the language, to build a better understanding. I am beginning to see things as they are. And it’s fun, because there is so much curiosity in the way things work.

I’ve been immersed in the miracle of how things are joined. Just simply seeing, how the universe is seen by specific mathematical coding. WHILE ALSO, along working with it, is the random and chaotic aspect. SO here we have two opposites of each other, working together and somehow creating a fluent language. It’s a war, and the conditions are extreme – but are never to the detriment. The relationship is a paradoxical one, due to the nature of its dichotomy. Look at it as a story or film, with a pivoting twist. A rushing Thriller! The contradiction at the beginning ends up affirming the stress.

It’s a lot going on right now! That’s what I’m just coming to terms with. I have been I’m enjoying it though! Especially since, very important lessons are showing up and they are motivating me to take action. I have all of these doors opening, and I am just moving along with it. While in the process,it feels like this writing method here and making videos, are ways of me sharing my lessons learned. I swear I’m just sharing lessons from the classroom of life. There is no cheating involved, we all got the same answers just different questions. The homework ain’t so bad either. I always manage to do homework intentionally or unintentionally. :D

In A Matrix Dress

In A Matrix Dress

She’s personified in a matrix dress, Eye think I’m starting to understand why The Red & Blue Pill was so crucial.

This rabbit hole is eternally determined by the merging of red and blue.

A deeper purple, a color which has inquired both equal red and blue.

I’m drawn to this natural light and all of the powers that comes with edge.

Her everlasting sunbeams motivate me to taste her core.

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting into her deeper tunnel – I want her light to manifest like the brightest star.

It’ll be fatal to stare into her eyes for too long.

She can blind me with the strength of her illumination.

It’s worth the lost of eye sight, for what can I truly see without her?

Her hair is her compass, and her eyes are her wheels.

She knows exactly where she is going, and I’ll follow her all the way.

The remix of illusion, is mystery dressed in mathematics.

Cycles Understood Within

Cycles are uninformed occurrences, bound within pattern. Think about the Moon and how much its cycles actually affect, the motions of the sea.

There is a particular algorithm and repetition that takes place. Often without announcement or guidance – we end up in the same place we were before. At HIGHER frequencies, we can tune into something that passed us before, only now our perspective is further developed than before.

I’m starting to understand the cycles within and around me, and how they relate to actual demonstration. There seems to be a pull that is a rapture to my movement.

To achieve, to manifest, and to actually exercise means I must accept, the fleeting yet all too powerful MOMENT. Seizing the great lecture, that comes with opportunity. Doors are mysterious, because they each allow access to a different domain. What happens when you got several doors, and you can only pick one?

Every door that closes, another one opens…strange, but true – let’s see what U can do?

– Prince

I can go to the other door. I’m not out of luck, the odds are always in my favor. Whichever I decision I make, will change the course of my journey entirely, and that’s ultimately OK.

Some may call me, an over analyzed optimist. I see the good, even if its at the end. Even in extreme situations. I tend to always look at an eternal perspective, which is always redeemed in good. “It’s ALL Good Tho!” IT IS WHAT IT IS

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^^ You know what I’m thinking? That even though my situation is frustrating, even though I feel helpless, and I’m drowning in a sense of loneliness, It’s ALL Good. There is good, and its relation to me, rests on my abilities to receive it. Surrendering my fears in exchange for the allowance. Allowing my vulnerabilities to be exposed, means answering why I did it in the first place. ALL The Good will ultimately will return to me, so put in WORK and See the change. Become what you want to manifest. The more I put in action, and invest into brighter days, they are due to come at sudden moments.

Cycles understood within and around me are understood deeper when I put in the work necessary to achieve manifestation. Seeds are sown.

Shadow Acquaintance


It sometimes haunts me with a lingering presence. It’s as if my eyes can only see it, and its beginning to make me nervous. Yet, I am finding peace in what this means. The memory is becoming comedy, and eventually- I end up swallowing the anomaly. It’s not so bad to miss great experiences, and to monetarily become engulfed with the charm of its power. Reality keeps me in check. I realize, there were a series of choices that were made, which leads me to where I am.

It wasn’t a spontaneous amount of emotional unbalanced feelings. I regret nothing, because what I demonstrated was a result of real emotions. So as the parade of positive memories follow me like a person. The shadow nature of its power, reveals to me ways; I was hurt and misunderstood as well. It’s not that I focus on the darker aspects of experiences, but I must allow proper balance and weight.

It wasn’t all the way white, so lets acknowledge the BLACK. Every experience seems to carry both light and dark aspects. So it is necessary to find favor in both the black and white. (Never dispel one because the other is more appealing to you.) So with an alarming shadow appearing at randomized moments, I can truly appreciate this presence that feels like a person.
The light and the activity around it, reveals this dark shadow, which has become a necessary acquaintance.

Passive Subjectivity


Passive Subjectivity, is when you are not quite aware, that you are submitting to someone’s idea of your disposition. One may assume, you are not to your most accurate self, by conducting in a way that is believed to be unhealthy. They may speak on the dark aspects of movement, while blindly denying the light abbreviations of your conduct. When you subject to this, you neglect your right to exercise, in a way that is abundant for you. Addictions justify their particular narrative, and the one who can observe to this, should help. But not every addiction rests on the implication of negativity and violence. Some are discovered through pattern, and some can maneuver consequence. There is a consequence for every action, but the effects
are what ultimately determines the next choice. The effect is always an individual exercise. Even from a macro observation, the micro abilities are always singular, and corresponds to the mold of experience.

The Disguise of Passion

The disguise of passion, is often announced in a dramatic form. A form that carries weight with conviction and sound stubbornness.  Yet, it is the most real thing about ourselves. Our journey airs a testimony to the gravity of its measure. Passion settles down, and marries emotion in which ever way it comes. Like intercourse, there is a intimate relationship between the way passion is embraced with emotion. It’s a race of some kind of enlightening fire, that can’t be tamed. Just remember, its disguise is a clothing that eventually, must come off. The naked and most unadulterated form of passion, needs no clothes. It’s dramatically realistic, because it exhibits true boldness.